Millennial aesthetic in jewelry: The two main trends

Millennial aesthetic in jewelry: The two main trends

Millennial jewelry is on the rise as a must-have accessory, and it’s easy to see why. This generation stands out with its bold and unique style of fashion, and jewelry is no exception. From delicate pendants to statement earrings, millennial jewelry offers something for everyone.

Jewelry has been around since ancient times, and its current relevance is due in part to the rise of technology. With 3D printing, it’s now possible to create intricate and delicate pieces that would have been too complex or expensive to make with traditional methods. This has opened up a world of possibilities for creative jewelry designers but also for makeup artists, who can experiment with different finishes, textures, and optical effects.

These daring aesthetics are much more of a Gen Z thing, however. The classic Millenial vibe is a mixture of corporate hustle culture and Eat - Pray - Love vibe, ideally with soft pink as a main color. How does this translate to jewelry? The vibe is a combo of a capitalist hustler by day and a mindful zen pursuer at the weekends.

That means that millenial jewelry can be either following the rules like “fake it till you make it” and “dress for the job you want not the one you have”, or it can go in the boho and zen direction - channeling the movie Eat Pray Love.

Power jewelry for your boss b* millenial vibe

One uber-famous phrase that millenials coined is definitely the boss b*, and that’s how the millenial aesthetic will go down in history.

Boss b* millenial jewelry focuses on big statements, bold colors and geometric shapes. Think silver link-chain necklaces, geometric pendants, minimalist accessories with printed logos, large but streamlined earrings or rings with a shield-like design. Anything that says “I’m the boss” will fit the bill. Another way to express the same thing may be going for classic aesthetic jewelry, to dress yourself up in the old-school femininity. But this approach is quite dated at this point, minimalism truly rules.

When it comes to colors, think of all of the corporate power shades - black, white, scandi grey and rose-gold being the main ones. But don’t let that discourage you away from hot pink and similar bold hues! Hot pink in particular is far too aggressive to be really a feminine color. So, if you want to combine two aesthetics at once, maybe look into 80s style plastic jewelry statements.

The mindfulness millenial jewelry

The second way of the millenial aesthetic is channeling the yoga & zen vibe. This type of jewelry is a lot more fluid and organic, as it was inspired by nature as well as Eastern philosophies (regardless of what the actual Eastern philosophers think of that).

Either way, we are just talking aesthetic jewelry here. So, the yoga boom that happened in the Millenial decades got reflected in jewelry by items like statement earrings made from shells or feathers, delicate pendants with symbols such as the sun, moon or flowers, layered necklaces with dreamcatchers or tree of life motifs, and crystal ornaments in all shapes and sizes.

Colors for the mindfulness millenial jewelry should be inspired by nature - shades of green, blue and earthy tones will always work best. But don’t forget a few pastel touches to remind us that you are still a true millenial! A few pieces that incorporate semi-precious stones and pearls are also great for this, as they will bring all the vibes together.

All in all, both boss b* jewelry and mindfulness millenial jewelry can be very attractive additions to any outfit - so why not try them both? Mix & match! With a few strategic pieces of jewelry, you can embody both aesthetics in one go.